CSS stands for cascading style sheets. One can understand in a simpler way that CSS is like the visual effects for the site. Like we write words in HTML and we put imagination in HTML by using CSS i.e. ( Colors, pictures, style and etc. )

It’s also very important part of making any site or even if you trying to make/write a personal blog. It’s not that tough if one will give full attention and practice it.

I will continue talking more about CSS in next post. Here’s the link about CSS if you want to improve or learn. https://colorlib.com/wp/css3-tutorials/

My first free website

It was a good learning, now I am understanding how the sites has been designed & still going on. It’s not simple, quite hard. I also starting learning the real language behind the websites. So my HTML module finished now & I made a website which is only based on pure HTML. I also learned a lot of other things..

If you want to publish your website and want to show your work to your colleagues or friends or with clients, you don’t have to buy a web hosting service in the early stages. The best answer is GitHub, it helps you in most certain ways. All you have to do is :-

  • Go to http://www.github.com
  • Sign up
  • Click on new repository
  • Make it public if you have a free account in GitHub
  • Now click on the add button to add your local files
  • After you finished click on create repository
  • Last step is publish your repository
  • Congratulations your site is online

Here’s my first free website……


I hope 🤞 you like this post and you wanna discuss anything, feel free to message.

May 2020

I started learning Web development, from Udemy. It’s a very good website one must check it out, if you want to learn anything new, for your professional need or personal knowledge.

The first and basic thing or we can the base of a website is HTML. It’s the standard markup language for structure of the website be displayed in a web browser.

Enough knowledge for today. 🤪

I am trying not to make my blog boring. 😇

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